We are Points of Brew

Points of Brew is an independent collaborative beer news and opinion blog born out of our love for high-quality local beers and experiences that showcase the South African beer scene. Our aim is to support the local industry by providing news and articles about beer as well as inform and entertain with insightful, objective and thought-provoking content around the burgeoning beer industry. We will be at the forefront of new releases and events as well as local and international trends so that you’re in the loop on what’s happening and why it matters.

Our contributors

Matt Hurst


I’m a certified BJCP judge, home brewer, founder and president of the Helderberg Homebrew Club and partner in the South African National Beer Trophy. Find me on Twitter and Instagram at Beer Club SA.

Rob Cass

Gauteng Contributor

I am a home brewer and BJCP beer judge. I always liked the idea of brewing but only started when I found my first homebrew store. I found brewing plucked so many of my interests – scientific, practical and historical – and it hasn’t stopped fascinating me since. My life quest is to brew the perfect English bitter.