Author: Matt Hurst

Wishlist for 2019

“No, I don’t want an IPA in an ice cold glass out the freezer, thank you.” Hopefully this is the year I don’t need to say this. If you’re going to serve craft beer, learn how to serve it properly.

Mojo market introduces Tap’d

The bar is a remarkable sight, with its banks of gleaming taps and the cold room, with the kegs and state of the art keg management system on display behind glass. The beer selection is massive and will slake the thirst of most drinkers, although I would like to see more small batch and collaboration beers in future. All the big players are represented, as well as some of the smaller breweries. Although they boast 100 taps, only 56 of them had beer when I was there, the rest either having cider, gin or a “Coming Soon” sign. Some were also out of stock, although it was opening weekend so teething issues are to be expected. I had a pint of the skillful Little Wolf Table Beer, which at R55 was quite pricey in my opinion, although if they keep investing in quality, local beer and proper sanitation then I’m happy to pay it. The beer was served well – in a clean glass with a two finger head and refreshingly cold. These might seem strange to mention, but not nearly enough bars, pubs and markets get it right.

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