Saggy Stone – Weizenbock Review

The weizeinbock pours a light amber/orange colour with an impressive lasting head for a 6.7% beer. The initial aroma that hits is the clean banana esters with a hint of clove and lightly spiced toast. There is also some caramel hanging around in the back from the Caramunich malt. The body surprised me a bit, being more full than I expected but also delightfully chewy and fluffy from the wheat like all the best Weiss beers.

When I read the description, I was nervous of all the banana esters, since I prefer a Weiss more to the clove-phenol side of things but there is an assertive bitterness along with the reasonably high carbonation that cuts through that fruitiness. The beer finishes dry, slightly spicy, and a bit bitter. The yeast truly shines through in this beer and the alcohol is there with a gentle warming but it only serves to balance everything else.

A true showcase of what a wheat beer can do if you’re tired of Weiss beers as you would normally drink them.